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Stolt-Nielsen Limited
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Stolt-Nielsen Limited (SNL) is a leading global provider of integrated transportation solutions for bulk liquid chemicals, edible oils, acids, and other speciality liquids through its three largest business divisions, Stolt Tankers, Stolthaven Terminals and Stolt Tank Containers. With businesses in sea farms, LPG gas and bitumen transport, SNL is a diversifi ed global player. Stolt-Nielsen Limited is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

Stolt Tankers operates a fleet of 150 sophisticated parcel tankers, product tankers, river tankers and barges, ranging in size from approximately 1,000  to 44,000 dwt. Stolthaven Terminals owns 20 terminals in total with more  than 3.6 million cubic metres of storage capacity. Stolt Tank Containers, the  leading global provider of door-to-door transportation services and operations  boasts a fleet of over 30,000 tank containers. Stolt Sea Farm produces and  markets high quality turbot, sole, sturgeon, and caviar. Stolt-Nielsen Gas  transports liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with its fleet of very large gas  carriers (VLGCs).

Today, SNL employs more than 5,000 staff in 25 offices around the world and has an annual revenue of $ 2.1 billion. The global head office for Tankers and  Terminals is located in Rotterdam. The global head office for Tank Containers  is situated in Houston. We have offices in Singapore, Manila, Shanghai, Sao  Paolo, New Orleans, Norwalk and Australia - to name but a few - and we are  working hard to increase our presence globally.

Do you have what it takes? Do you wish to pursue a career in shipping or in the transportation of bulk liquids? We require a variety of skills for various  positions. We offer a challenging environment, with ample potential for  individual growth. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Stolt team in this fast paced, rapidly evolving environment, please  check our website for our current vacancies.

Products we carry

1. Commodity chemicals
Chemicals made in large volumes, including methanol, ethanol, ethylene glycol, MTBE/ETBE, styrene, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylene dichloride and acrylonitrile

2. Speciality chemicals
A broad range of chemicals produced in medium to small volumes for adhesives, cleaning materials, cosmetic additives, elastomers, flavours, fragrances, lubricants, polymers and surfactants.

3. Oleo chemicals
Derived from vegetable oils and animal fats, oleo chemicals include fatty acids, fatty acid methyl esters (FAME), fatty alcohols, fatty amines and glycerols.

4. Vegetable oil/Palm oil
Vegetable oils are extracted from plants, with palm, soybean, rapeseed and sunflower oils shipped in the largest volumes

5. Lube oils
Lubricating oils, such as motor oil, are designed to keep moving parts separate, reduce friction and wear, transfer heat, carry away contaminants and debris, and prevent corrosion.

6. Acids
The most commonly shipped are phosphoric and sulphuric acids, and caustic soda, which are used in the mining and dairy industries, and as raw materials for fertilisers.

Facts about
Number of employees: 280
Sectors: Tankers, Terminals, Tank Containers
Career level: Student, Starter, Young Professional, Professional
Required educational level: Intermediate Vocational Education, Higher Vocational Education 
Field of study: Technical, Transport & Logistics, Nautical, Economics
Preferred education: Logistics , Transport & Maritime, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Equipment
Vacancies: Vogage Coordinator, Safety Officer, Business Application Consultant IT, Demurrage Analyst, Tank Cleaning Specialists, Fleet Electrical Engineer, Operations Coordinator, Port Captain