Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors NV

Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors NV
North Trade Building, Noorderlaan 133, bus 31
2030 Antwerp
T +32 (0)3 5416955

Scaldis is a dynamic, innovative and expanding marine offshore contractor specialized in offshore transportation and installation with a core business and expertise in heavy lifting. Scaldis has earned a reputation as a solid and reliable partner to contractors and clients.

Scaldis provides turnkey and other cost-effective solutions for projects using its multi-purpose heavy lift vessels.

Scaldis is active in five distinct market sectors namely:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Renewables
  • Deconstruction
  • Civil works
  • Heavy lifting related to salvage works

One of the many strengths of Scaldis is its willingness to work closely with its client from an early stage in order to develop the most efficient and effective methodology.

Scaldis’ current heavy lift vessel, the Rambiz 3000, has a unique arrangement having two cranes, shallow draft, large deck space and extensive accommodation facilities. This gives the vessel the ability to operate in areas where many other vessel cannot access. Her ability to work in both deep and shallow waters provides valuable flexibility. The combination of two deck cranes enables the Rambiz 3000 to lift unusual structures that would otherwise require two separate vessels. The two cranes can work independently or be synchronized to provide an unrivalled flexibility in handling structures.

Scaldis is a significant participant in the rapidly expanding offshore construction and decommissioning markets and in order to meet the increasing demands of these markets, the shareholders of Scaldis have ordered a new heavy lift vessel with a lifting capacity of 4,000t. The Rambiz 4000 will possess many of the key assets of Rambiz 3000 but will also incorporate the following new developments that will extend the possibilities for the vessel:

  • Lifting capacity of 4,000
  • Fully self-propelled
  • DP2
  • Skidding cranes to allow greater flexibility to deck space
  • Helideck

With its increased capacity and enhanced features, Scaldis expects Rambiz 4000 to extend the boundaries of what can be achieved and will enable Scaldis to perform more work across a wider geographic area.

The European market is a prime area of focus. Until the delivery of the Rambiz 4000 this market will remain a large and valuable market for Scaldis, but the prospect of working in Central America and Middle East will be enhanced with the delivery of the new vessel.

Scaldis strives to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and environmental awareness throughout its activities. Certification according ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 is a demonstration of its commitment to deliver and improve the quality of service to its clients.

Facts about
Number of employees: 75
Sectors: Civil, Deconstruction, Oil & Gas, Renewables, Salvage
Career level: Young Professional, Professional
Preferred educational level: : Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Hydraulic Engineering, Maritime Officer, Higher Nautical College
Field of study: Technical, Nautical
Vacancies: Head of Engineering, Senior Project Managers, Project Engineers