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You’re looking for an adventurous place to work. Somewhere that’s dynamic and internationally relevant. Somewhere that combines expertise with a prospect of progress. A place where you can broaden your horizon. We can offer you that place to work.

Boskalis is one of the most innovative operators in the dredging, maritime infrastructure and maritime offshore sectors. The services we provide include heavy transport, lifting and installation, towage services and rescue and salvage work.

With more than 11,000 employees, a fleet of 1,000 vessels and equipment and an international work field, Boskalis is one of the biggest global players in the maritime services sector.

Boskalis is growing. We are always working to expand our professional knowledge and experience. We are valued for our innovative approach and our expert knowledge of environmentally friendly techniques. Boskalis always favors the most sustainable solution and we operate a highly progressive safety program.

Boskalis is a trendsetter and wants to keep it that way. Which means we are always on the lookout for talent. Talent that thinks in possibilities, searches for a new horizon and likes to get things done. Talent in the fields of engineering, project management and tendering as well as on-board talent.  Both experienced and young professionals.

Boskalis has a lot to offer. We provide an extensive and interesting package of varied services on a broad international market. This means that we can offer you a lot of different experiences and you can keep working on your development, at all times with your own personal qualities and motivations as a guideline. It is not without reason that a first job with Boskalis tends not to be the last with our company.

At Boskalis you can find the challenge that’s right for you.

Traditionally, dredging is the core activity of Boskalis. It involves all activities required to remove silt, sand and other layers from the water bed and in some cases utilizing them elsewhere, for example for land reclamation. The services we provide also include the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, and coastal defense and riverbank protection, as well as associated specialist services such as underwater rock fragmentation. In addition, Boskalis is active in the extraction of raw materials using dredging techniques. Our global spread, high professional standards, versatile state-of-the-art fleet and conscious focus on cost efficiency have earned us a recognized position as a global market leader in dredging.

Inland Infra
Boskalis also operates as a contractor of dry infrastructure projects. In this area we are involved mainly in the Netherlands in the design, preparation (by means of dry earthmoving) and execution of large-scale civil infra works, such as the construction of roads and railroads, bridges, dams, viaducts and tunnels. In doing so, we also perform specialist works such as soil improvement and land remediation.

Offshore energy
Boskalis Offshore is expanding rapidly. Boskalis Offshore, which also includes Dockwise and Fairmount, supports oil and gas companies and providers of sustainable energy such as wind energy. Boskalis Offshore is involved in technical development, construction, maintenance and dismantling of oil and LNG import/export facilities, offshore platforms, pipelines and cables and offshore wind farms. The Boskalis Offshore specialists have broad expertise in the field of heavy transport, lifting and installation work, diving and ROV services, offshore rock-dumping work and installation of pipelines and cables. Dockwise is a global leader in the area of marine transport and installation of megastructures such as FPSOs. The Dockwise Vanguard is the flagship of an impressive fleet of over 20 state-of-the-art submersible vessels. Fairmount is a leading provider of long-distance marine towage services, using its own fleet of powerful anchor handling tugs to transport large objects such as oil platforms.

SMIT Harbour Towage provides assistance to incoming and outgoing oceangoing vessels in ports in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China and Taiwan. The versatile fleet has over 200 tugs. Services to onshore and offshore terminals through Smit Lamnalco (50% owned by Boskalis): berthing and unberthing of tankers at oil and LNG terminals, pilotage, subsea inspection and maintenance, firefighting, and coupling and uncoupling of terminal connections.

Services related to salvage and wreck clearance. Assistance to vessels in distress, anytime and anywhere in the world. We provide services from four strategic locations: Houston, Cape Town, Rotterdam and Singapore. SMIT Salvage has the advanced technology and expertise to remove hazardous substances such as bunker oil from wrecks and boasts a successful track record in marine salvage.

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Facts about
Employees: 11,000
Sectors: services, dredging & hydraulic engineering,energy, oil & gas, ports, offshore, marine shipping
Career stage: student, starter, young professional,professional
Desired professional/intellectual level: intermediate and higher vocational education (mbo and hbo), university education
Desired disciplines: technical, transport & logistics, nautical, safety & security management
Job vacancies: surveyor, electrician, chief engineer, pilot/crew for harbour towage service, senior engineer, subcontractor, project engineer, technical superintendent, naval architect, ROV pilot/technician