Kongsberg Maritime Holland BV

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Kongsberg Maritime Holland BV
Mr. D.P. Pettersen, Managing Director
P.O. Box 890
3200 AV Spijkenisse
T +31 (0)181 623611

Kongsberg Maritime is a market leader in delivering products and systems for positioning, navigation and automation to merchant vessels and offshore installations, as well as products and systems for seabed surveying and monitoring, and for fi shing vessels and fi sheries research.

Business activities
We deliver systems for dynamic positioning, navigation, marine automation subsea, hydrography, maritime training simulators and position reference systems. Important markets include countries with large offshore and shipyard industries.

Our commitment
We shall earn the respect and recognition for our dedication to provide innovative and reliable marine electronics that ensure optimal operation at sea. At Kongsberg Maritime we are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations and providing them with innovative and reliable solutions to their merchant marine, offshore, subsea, oil & gas needs. To achieve this Kongsberg Maritime also operates through a number of domestic and international subsidiaries, that are all leaders within their field.

Market segments:

  • Merchant marine
  • Offshore and subsea
  • Marine information technology
  • Simulation
  • Hydrography


  • Service / comissioning
  • Spareparts
  • Sales
  • Technical site management / project


  • AutoChief remote control system
  • Cargo control systems
  • K-Chief / alarm control system
  • Dynamic positioning systems
  • Hydrographic systems
  • Subsea navigation system
  • Joystick systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Reference systems
  • Wireless sensors and transmitters
  • Vessel information systems
  • Ship simulators
  • Thruster control systems
  • Transponders

Facts about
Number of employees: 43
Sectors: Offshore, Ship Building & Repair, Suppliers, Shipping
Career level: Starter, Young Professional, Professional, Trainee
Required educational level: Mbo, hbo
Field of study: Technical, Nautical
Preferred education: Automation Engineering, Electronic Engineering, MAROF
Vacancies: Service Engineer