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You are just graduated or are about to do so. Or you have outgrown your current job and are in need of a new challenge. Whatever stage of your career you are in, Heerema Marine Contractors may be able to offer you just the right opportunity.

The exploitation of oil and gas has become a global industry in which success depends on professionals who can lead technological innovation and project management. These areas have been at the heart of Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) ever since it was established in 1962. HMC excels at transporting, installing and removing offshore facilities. These include fixed and floating structures, subsea pipelines and infrastructures. The company manages the entire supply chain of offshore construction, from design through to completion.

Versatile fleet
HMC owns three of the world’s four largest semi-submersible crane vessels, the Thialf, Hermod and Balder. Aegir, our latest deep water construction vessel (DCV), is capable of executing complex infrastructure and pipeline projects in ultra-deep water and has sufficient lifting capacity to install fixed platforms in relatively shallow water. A key attribute of this vessel is its fast transit speed. HMC believes this will complete its existing fleet providing a unique fleet composition. 

Passionate people
HMC’s staff are passionate people with a strong drive to deliver. They are proud of what they do. Their international playing field is reflected in a multi-cultural organization promoting teamwork.

Career opportunities
HMC offers international onshore and offshore career opportunities and has a variety of internships, ranging from shortterm offshore terms to longer academic thesis projects. It is also possible to do postgraduate research at Heerema. After graduation, interns can continue in the company on the relevant fit with vacancies. In practice Heerema see that 90% of our interns stay and continue employment within HMC. So why not experience the opportunities of one of the world’s foremost offshore construction companies yourself? Perhaps one day you will join 1,800 colleagues for an exciting, new phase of your career. Just imagine what Heerema Marine Contractors could mean for you!

Facts about
Number of employees: 1,800
Sectors: Olie & Gas, Offshore
Career level: Student, Starter, Young Professional, Professional
Required educational level: Hbo, wo
Career level: Interns, Starters, Professionals
Field of study: Technical, Nautical, Other
Preferred education: Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Shipbuilding,Maritime Officer
Vacancies: Check out our website: www.careersatheerema.com