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At Damen, it’s all about ships - it’s what we do, it’s who we are. We design them, we build them, we service them. We like them! Our unique culture of entrepreneurship and business thinking combined with a ‘can-do’ mentality is why we are so successful. Damen stands for challenging jobs, personal and professional development, and for numerous career opportunities. And above all it’s fun to work for Damen.

Damen is looking for mbo (Intermediate Vocational Education), hbo (Higher Vocational Education) graduates, as well as academics with a background in marine technology or mechanical engineering. Because of the wide range of activities we also have opportunities available for graduates in Logistics, Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering and Industrial Engineering.Besides that Damen is looking for maritime professionals, team players who work independently, think critically and want to take the lead and are interested in a dynamic career, either locally or abroad.

Sales /Design & Proposal
Our globally- distributed sales organisation supports customers around the world, as well as the Design & Proposal section that provides it with advice and support. As a Sales Manager you will be responsible for selling a wide range of products within a particular part of the world.The products are divided into the following markets, Harbour & Terminal, Offshore (Wind), Defence & Security, Yachting, Public Transport, Shipping, Fishing, Dredging and Pontoons and Barges. Doing business on a global scale means becoming acquainted with different cultures and sitting down with a wide variety of clients. Each design is devised in collaboration with an experienced D&P engineer, and must meet the precise requirements of the customer.

Project Management
As soon as a client agrees to a proposal, the Project Manager takes over the lead of the ongoing production process, from Engineering, Procurement and Logistics right up to the final launch of the ship with the customer. This means that the role of the Project Manager is very varied and requires great versatility. At different stages it involves working on the project in the office in close collaboration with peers from different departments, as well as being on site in order to monitor and supervise the project as closely as possible. The number and complexity of our projects is continuously increasing. We need highly qualified maritime professionals to steer these multi-disciplinary projects in the right direction.

Engineering / Production preparation
Engineering can be called ‘the heart of production preparation’. As an engineer you are, together with an international team, responsible for the design and engineering of our vessels. Using modern techniques, you’ll work closely together with our worldwide Engineering Partners and frequently witness the delivery of new Damen ships. In the Netherlands this mainly involves ‘basic engineering’, while ‘detail engineering’ is the domain of the foreign engineering departments of Damen. Each market group has its own engineering department.

Production & Yard Support
Our growth in recent decades is based on a decision made back in 1969 to build ships based on a series of standard concepts, which allows for different types to be built for stock and then modified to the customers’ requirements before delivery. Hulls are mostly constructed at Damen shipyards based in countries such as Poland, Romania, China and Vietnam. Ships are outfitted at locations where this can be done most efficiently and effectively. Besides that, customers can also choose to construct their own Damen ships. We ship all the necessary parts and components via our logistics department to the appropriate client who then proceeds to construct the ship at his own yard, often under the technical guidance of a Damen Project Manager.

Services provides support services for a wide range of clients. It can support the entire life-cycle of a ship, from design right up to break-up and recycling. Major activities include commissioning, warranty and maintenance services, as well as the provision of training to end users. 

The Services division is also responsible for the construction of various civil projects such as quays, jetties and ramps. Its range of activities marks it out as an all-round service provider, utilising the latest tools and techniques available.

Damen uses its own maintenance management system (DAMOS) and it has a dedicated online portal where both existing and new customers can buy parts with the click of a button.

Repair & Conversion
Damen Shiprepair & Conversion undertakes the maintenance, repair andconversion of virtually any type of ship. The Repair & Conversion facilities arelocated in a number of easily accessible ports and harbours with good inland maritime connections. Damen Ship Repair Rotterdam (DSR), with shipyards in Schiedam and Pernis, has a distinct presence in the Rotterdam port area and is valued by a large number of international clients for its strategic location at the heart of some of the world’s busiest shipping routes. Damen has an extensive network of 15 repair and conversion yards worldwide and delivers more than 1,500 projects a year.

The research and development teams at Damen are continuously improving our vessels, making them more effective in their operations, more costefficient and more environmentally friendly. But we also invest a great deal in the development of brand new products. We see innovation as the key to success. Our innovative projects have given us the edge we need and a leading position in the maritime world. To develop and implement the best innovations you need to work together. Sharing knowledge is one of the most important conditions to stimulate the development of the best possible products. This is why Damen works nationally and internationally with customers such as the US Coastguard, independent research organisations including Delft University of Technology, TNO and MARIN, suppliers and classification societies.

Teamwork & Diversity
Damen offers a wide range of career opportunities at home and abroad, and on every rung of the career ladder. ‘Oceans of opportunities under one roof,’ is a saying that can be heard at Damen, while it is widely understood that working at Damen means ‘working together’, irrespective of whether that involves working together on a ship or collaborating as a team on a design or a repair project. Any customer who has a ship built at Damen obtains a complete overview of the entire lifecycle. This includes learning about when to anticipate maintenance, repair and the replacement of parts, and how to appropriately decommission the ship when the time comes.

At Damen personal development and taking the initiative are both encouraged and appreciated. Damen therefore selects new employees that have a healthy degree of entrepreneurship and who have the ability to work independently when required. Employees must of course be capable of handling this type of freedom in their work and that also goes for working in a casual environment. Damen has a flat organisational structure and is therefore anything but bureaucratic; everyone is considered equally approachable. Damen is a great company to work for, with favourable working conditions, exciting prospects and competitive salaries.

Dare to Develop
Supporting and managing the many talented individuals that we have within Damen is essential. The key is to ensure that we always have the right person in the right job. In order to reach this goal, we continually invest in talent. At Damen, there are no pre-determined career paths. From the first day that you join our company, you will have the freedom and responsibility to forge your own future direction. We encourage employees to develop talent giving coaching on the job and by supporting employees with many different courses and programmes in the Damen Academy, such as our Leadership Development Programme. The Damen Business Course is a great opportunity for technical master students to get to know Damen better and boost their own professional development. At the start of your career we offer the Damen Traineeship.

International & Dynamic
In case you didn’t know, Damen is the largest shipbuilder in the Netherlands and the company is active on the global stage. We are focused on growth through diversifying our products and locations, strive to become the market leader in every niche, and we are committed to providing high quality products and the best possible service. To achieve these goals Damen is looking for new employees who want to become the best that they can be and who are willing to go to the limit.
Feel welcome at Damen and spend your future best years with us!

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Facts about
Number of employees: 9,000
Sectors: Shipbuilding, Repair & Conversion, Service & Maintenance, Components
Career level: Interns, Graduates, (Young) Professionals, Management
Required educational level: Lower Vocational Education (vmbo), Intermediate Vocational Education (mbo), Bachelor (hbo), Master (wo)
Field of study: Marine Technology, Mechanical-, Offshore-, Electrical-, Civil-, Aerospace Engineering, Marine Officer, Economics/Business Administration
Vacancies: check www.damen.com/career

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