CSC crewing b.v.

CSC crewing b.v.
Rob Vermeulen
Piet Heinkade 92
4381 NH Vlissingen
T +31 (0)118 745600

CSC crewing offers employment in all sectors of the maritime, dredging and offshore industry. in partnership with the world’s largest maritime players in the industry, cSc is constantly endeavoring to anticipate developments within this ever changing environment. are you interested in working on a dredger or a self-propelled jack-up? there are endless possibilities, as we have requirements for various experienced professionals in all sectors of the industry.

Maritime Professionals
Our team consists of enthusiastic consultants who have extensive experience in all sectors in the shipping industry. In close communication with the candidate, by way of a personal interview we can determine the interests of the candidate and which sector will suit them best. Obviously our goal is to find the right match in which both the candidate and client is satisfied. Both throughout the selection process and their time on board we support our personnel wherever required. Helping develop the career of our personnel is one of our highest priorities.

International network
Our international network of offices and agents around the globe enables us to place qualified personnel of various nationalities with international clients. We can determinate the exact requirement of the client and ensure that the perfect candidate is matched with the most suitable job.

CSC crewing delivers qualified experienced personnel in the following sectors:
Offshore Construction, oil and gas, survey , supply, diving support and wind renewables
Towage Harbor towage, ocean towage, anchor handling and offshore wind/dredging support
Merchant Shipping Heavy Lift, General cargo and semi-submersible
Inland Shipping

Facts about
Sectors: Recruitment, Inland Shipping, Dredging & Hydraulic Engineering, Energy, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Shipping
Number of employees: 200
Career level: Starter, Young Professional, Professional
Required educational level: Pre-vocational Secondary, Upper Secondary Vocational, Higher Vocational, University
Field of study: Transport, Logistics, Technical, Nautical, Maritime, Offshore Engineering, Management, HSE, Oil & Gas
Preferred education: Maritime Officer (Upper Secondary Vocational, Higher Vocational), SMBW, SWK vacaNcies: Bridge Officers, Deck Officers, Engine Room Officers, Able Seaman, Ships Cook, Superintendents, Dredgemaster, Rigger, Lifting Supervisor, DP Officers