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Barge Master BV
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By eliminating vessel motions Barge Master ensures safe and cost effective lifting operations in offshore conditions. Our motion compensation systems increase workability and reduce costs signifi cantly. Consider becoming our new colleague if you’re looking for a challenge in a technical, young and dynamic environment.

About us:
Barge Master BV is a young and innovative company that develops motion compensation platforms for the maritime and offshore industry. We are a fast growing company and are always looking for qualified and ambitious people to join our team. If you are a recently graduated engineer or someone with an affinity for commercial sales activities in the offshore market we would love to hear from you.

Our products: 
Barge Master offers products with a broad range of applications. Essentially all marine operations can be conducted safer, quicker and and at a lower cost when using a Barge Master. The company currently has three standard products; The BM-T700, BM-T40 and the MCH. The Barge Master T700 compensates loads up to 700 mT when used as a supply platform, alternatively the T700 can carry a 400-600 mT crawler crane. The Barge Master T40 system has a smaller footprint and is capable of compensating a knuckle boom crane with an offshore capacity of 15 mT. The Motion Compensated Helideck (MCH) provides a stable platform for offshore helicopter landings.

Working at barge Master:
As an engineer at Barge Master you will be designing and building new Barge Master systems and be involved in operations of the systems in the field.

You will be responsible for project planning, budgets and the outsourcing and managing of engineering and fabrication works. This job contains aspects of both a technical and project management nature.

As an Employee with a commercial function at Barge Master you will working on the rental and sales of the Barge Master products and expanding the international network.

The markets barge Master predominantly operates in:
Oil & Gas: Installation, maintenance and decommissioning of platforms and modules.
Offshore Wind: Construction and maintenance of wind turbines.
Heavy Civil: Installation and maintenance of bridges and jetties. Development of harbors.
Marine Salvage: Cargo salvage and wreck removal.

Facts about
Number of employees: 16
Sectors: Energie, Olie & Gas, Ports, Offshore
Career level: Student, Starter, Young Professional, Professional
Required educational level: Hbo, wo
Field of study: Technical or commercial 
Preferred education: Mechanical Engineering, Marine Technology or Offshore Technology
Vacancies: International sales manager, Project/Systems engineer