AllSeas Maritime Personnel (AMP)

AMP your one stop crew solution

AllSeas Maritime Personnel (AMP)
Capt. Jan Zetzema
Het Nieuwe Diep 34A2
1781 AD Den Helder
T +31 (0)223 624055

Allseas maritime Personnel (amP) is actively involved in the recruitment of maritime personnel for vessels operating for the merchant navy, offshore vessels, dredgers and oil rig/fPSo/flNg crew. the manning agency is located in the port of den Helder, in the northern part of the Netherlands. 

AMP was originally founded in 1985 from a Swiss based Geneva office and an operating office in den Helder to start employing foreign seafarers, mainly for various dutch ship owners. 

In the year 2000 the activities were taken over by Ravanta Holland BV and centralized in their newly built office in den Helder, the Netherlands. Since then the company continued the recruitment services under the trading name Allseas Maritime Personnel (AMP) and expanded their services for a vast number of dutch and foreign ship owners. Our working philosophy is based on respect for and trust in all human beings.

In October 2013 AMP was taken over by Hylke Zetzema and Jan Zetzema. Under the new ownership AMP strives to continue and improve the well known excellent service to our clients and seafarers. Furthermore AMP has expanded her services to ship delivery and supplying oil rig, FPSO and FLNG crew.

Allseas Maritime Personnel (AMP) is your reliable partner for:
• Full crew management
• Ad hoc crew management
• Ship delivery services
• Sea trial crews
• Oil Rig crew
• FPSO Crew
• FLNG Crew
• Offshore Installation Crews/Mooring Teams

Facts about
Number of employees: 100 - 200
Sectors: Recruitment, Services, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Shipping
Career level: Student, Starter, Young Professional , Professional, Trainee
Required educational level: Pre-vocational Secondary, Upper Secondary Vocational, Higher Vocational, University
Field of study: Nautical, Technical
Preferred education: All shipping and offshore related educations 
vacaNcies: Deck crew: All ranks, Engine room crew: All ranks, Oil rig/FPSO/FLNG crew: All ranks. For all current vacancies please visit our website